Solary Electricals Dent Repair Hand-Held Digital Dent Puller - 2800A, Model 2850D Car Dent Pullers


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Solary Electricals 2850D Dent Puller can be used in various applications: washer welding, stub welding, carbon rod heating, partial heating, upsetting, and for the car body.
  • Built-in Microprocessor Controlled Unit (MCU) and multi-function digital control panel for "Auto Weld Mode", which automatically adjusts to the weld during operation to prevent burn and provide accurate welding.
  • Inner fan for heat dissipation.
  • Voltage transformer made in copper enables high output voltage and heavy duty load.
  • Thermal protection.
  • Portable hand-held design for working on car tops or narrow spaces
  • Model: 2850D
  • Input voltage: AC 230V, 50/60Hz
  • Charge voltage: 7.2V - 9V
  • Max spot welding current: 2800A
  • Dimensions (mm): L310 x W210 x H220
  • Net weight: 17.5kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Slow process but it works...

It took a few tries to get the hang of it. It takes multiple attempts on the same spot to get the dent out but it does work. 90% of the dent is gone leaving only a small dent where the actual point of impact was.

Amazing product!!

This is a high-quality machine worth every penny spent. I had a project that I put off for a while because I could not find a machine that could handle the work needed. FINALLY, I tried this product and it worked like magic. It perfectly pulled out all dents.