Solary Electricals 3-Head Short Wave Infrared Paint Curing Lamp - Model B3EA

  • Solary Electricals B3EA infrared curing lamp is a 300 degree rotatable 3 heads curing lamp; it is equipped with 3 180-degree rotatable individual heads.
  • B3EA infrared curing lamp generates direct powerful penetration into the inner layer of paint. Completely dries two-pack paints within 15 minutes and polyester putty in 5 minutes.
  • Compared with model B3E, model B3EA has a function of adjusting baking power (temperature).
  • Individually adjustable emitter cassettes with a service life span of up to 6,000 hours.
  • Gradual temperature increase with full baking function for professional finishing.
  • Adjustable curing power.
  • Switch: CE/UL certified, high quality, and steady performance.
  • B3EA infrared curing lamp is ideal for polyurethane paint (double components paint), single-component paint, and water-based paint
  • Even radiation with timer, pre-heating, and full baking functions. If you are looking for extra distance sensor function, check out Solary Electricals B3S Infrared Curing Lamp.

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