The best point of infrared heating and drying

    There are many traditional methods for heating objects, such as thermal wind, electrical resistance, and steam, and the newly emerged infrared heating has many obvious advantages over traditional heating methods. The traditional heating method makes the use of inert, bulky, slow heating speed, low efficiency, high cost, red heating technology not only heating speed is fast, but heating efficiency is high, And the product is equipped with a small land area, high quality, and low production costs.

    The use of red technology heating, energy saving, especially compared with electric heating, the effect of electricity saving is more significant, a general situation can save energy left and right, the highest energy saving even up to -. Therefore, this technology has been widely used in various industries of life and production, such as food, textile, plastic, lacquer, medicine, etc., and includes wood, tea leaves, leather, tobacco, and other industries.

heating lamp

   It is also widely used in different processing requirements such as heat melting, shaping, drying, and solidifying materials. The study shows that the most significant effect of red plus heat technology is to heat and dry organic materials such as leather, wood, oil paint, water, and high-substance

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