Free Your Hands, a New Choice for Automotive Maintenance: Induction Heater

Are you still troubled by using manual screwdrivers? Now, let us introduce you to a new solution - the magnetic induction heater, freeing you from the constraints of manual operation, making screw tightening tasks a breeze.

For households in need of automotive maintenance, the induction heater bolt removal is undoubtedly an indispensable tool. When you need to replace car parts but don't want to exert effort in tightening screws, this heat induction tool automotive will become your reliable assistant. Even in tight spaces where manual screwdrivers cannot reach, the induction heater can easily handle the job.

The working principle of the induction heater is simple yet efficient: it generates a magnetic field using alternating electric currents, inducing eddy currents within the metal conductor, thereby rapidly heating the metal workpiece. The heating effect is influenced by factors such as frequency, current, and magnetic field.

During the heating process, only the metal part being heated will increase in temperature, while the magnetic induction heater tool itself remains cool. It is suitable for heating various metal workpieces, such as cast iron, motor shorting rings, car hubs, metal rods, pipes, bolts, large turbine bolts, wind turbine blade hubs, bearings, gears, pulleys, couplings, and more.

Get rid of the hassle of manual operation, choose the induction heater, and make your automotive maintenance easier and more efficient!

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