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License plate screw cap is an important accessory used to fix and protect the license plate, but sometimes due to prolonged use or environmental factors, the screws will be rusted and corroded, resulting in not being able to unscrew easily. So what is the small trick to unscrew the license plate screws when they are rusted?
You may use the following methods

Make sure the surface of the license plate screw cap is clean before removal, especially the rusted part. This will facilitate the subsequent disassembly work. At the same time, prepare the appropriate tools, such as a small flat screwdriver, a vise and a word screwdriver.

Use a small flat screwdriver to insert between the gaps of the screw cap, focusing on picking loose the position of the crimp inside the screw cap as a snap. Once you find the right spot, pry the cap out with a little force. If you can't pry it off, try adjusting the angle or use a vise to hold the shell of the screw cap to pry it off. After unscrewing the cap, use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding the license plate in place.

If the screw cap is rusted and can't be unscrewed, you can use an angle grinder to cut a small opening in the surface of the license plate screw cap. In this process, be sure to stabilize the angle grinder to avoid damage to the body and license plate. Then use a screwdriver to insert into the small opening just cut out, pry down the screw cap with force. If prying on one side doesn't work, try prying from a different angle.

Hearing this, don't you think it is very troublesome to mess around and in the end, you are not sure if you can remove the rusty screws. Here's the really big trick.

Magnetic induction heater: this is a machine specially researched to solve the stubborn screws, by heating the rusty screws and making them expand, it only takes 30s to complete the disassembly work.

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