Have you mastered these 8 points in the process of using the dust collector?

  Grinding machine dust collector is a product often used in the casting industry, because the grinding process will produce smoke, so the use of dust removal equipment for purification. Any equipment in the process of use is a point that needs attention. Daily attention to use can ensure that the product can be used for a longer period, so daily operation is very important. The following is a summary of eight key points that need to be paid attention to in the use process, hoping to help you.

Solary Electricals DG8 Dust-Free Sanding System

Eight points need to be noted in the use of a grinding machine dust collector:
1. The ordinary machine is strictly prohibited to be used in flammable and explosive places.
2. Non-special material filter bags can not absorb burning flame and high-temperature waste.
3. It is strictly prohibited to use in the absence of a dust filter bag and filter, otherwise, it will directly cause damage to the fan.
4. When the filter bag and filter are damaged, they should be replaced in time and cannot be continued.
5. Excessive debris accumulated in the dust storage bucket should be cleaned in time, and the filter bag and filter should be cleaned regularly to ensure smooth flow.
6. The suction hose shall not be flattened, trampled, or worn; The temperature at the rear box shell is high, especially after continuous work for a long time.
7. When the vacuum cleaner is overloaded, the thermal relay in the control box will automatically cut off the power supply. At this time, it is necessary to unplug the power plug, find out the reason, and use it again after the thermal relay is reset.
8. After the work is finished, the power should be cut off and placed in a cool and dry place. This can extend the service life of the industrial dust collector.

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